Zerrie………Real Or Nah?

Let me make this clear……I DO NOT HATE PERRIE EDWARDS!!!

But more and more I’m starting to see that Zerrie is just a media stunt. Yeah I know some of you are going to say how dumb I am for not realizing this earlier, but its just making sense to me now. Zayn NEVER seems happy when he’s talking about her, the boys don’t seem to really like her much either because whenever she is mentioned they’re faces are blank and you never see pictures of them hanging out like you see with the other girlfriends. I think Zayn is frustrated with the fact that he has to be promoting Little Mix constantly……..he seems unhappy, cameras are always there………..we don’t have to look far to see the evidence………Zerrie becomes less convincing by the day.

P.S. this article is not meant to advocate Ziam. I ship it as a BROMANCE NOT A ROMANCE.

Clearing up SHxT!! :)


Bitches be like comparing 5SOS to 1D and saying that their quite similar to my british/irish baes!………Nu-uh!! Total opposite„„,

1) One direction is a BOYBAND and do pop/pop rock.

2) 5SOS are NOT a boyband and they have more of a pop punk sound.

Just clearing that up cuz a total idiot on FB keeps calling the two group the same and they clearly aren’t!! And no….I’m not a fan of 5SOS but i do respect their opinion as to what they are- if they’re a boyband or not.

P.S. Could someone please tell whoever runs WIKIPEDIA that Zayn Malik is NOT the lead singer of One Direction and that there is no lead singer!!

Takes 1 Selfie……

Me: Takes 983433630135478201 selfies and this is what it comes to

Ok…….i dont REALLY look like this………but just trying to highlight how perf those gals are!!

Love ‘em!! X.