Clearing up SHxT!! :)


Bitches be like comparing 5SOS to 1D and saying that their quite similar to my british/irish baes!………Nu-uh!! Total opposite„„,

1) One direction is a BOYBAND and do pop/pop rock.

2) 5SOS are NOT a boyband and they have more of a pop punk sound.

Just clearing that up cuz a total idiot on FB keeps calling the two group the same and they clearly aren’t!! And no….I’m not a fan of 5SOS but i do respect their opinion as to what they are- if they’re a boyband or not.

P.S. Could someone please tell whoever runs WIKIPEDIA that Zayn Malik is NOT the lead singer of One Direction and that there is no lead singer!!

Takes 1 Selfie……

Me: Takes 983433630135478201 selfies and this is what it comes to

Ok…….i dont REALLY look like this………but just trying to highlight how perf those gals are!!

Love ‘em!! X.